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Welcome to Candy Beauty Shop.

We are truly excited to begin this journey and share with you all, our wonderful world of Candy Beauty Bath + Skincare products. 

This fun idea is inspired by our very enthusiastic and enterprising ten-year-old kid, who wanted to make her own Bath and Skincare products because she couldn't easily find "Fun" products with mom-approved ingredients for her sensitive skin. 

Hence, inspired by our daughter's creativity and combined with our love for "All things beauty", with lots of hard work, countless trials and errors, some professional help, a ton of encouragement from our friends and family, and a little magic, we present our wonderful collections here at 

We handcrafted and curated a luxurious range of products that are truly Skin loving, All Natural, and Planet Friendly! We promise they will be a real treat for the senses.  We truly hope you and your entire family will enjoy these bath and skincare treats as much as we do. 😊

 Our Mission

Love for Skin: We carefully formulate our products, to ensure that they are truly skin-loving and of the highest quality. We strive to make products that are good for All skin types and our ingredients are All Natural and sustainably sourced.

Love for Planet: We are striving to make our products Eco-Friendly and Green by using Glass and Sustainable Eco-Friendly packaging wherever possible. Where unavoidable, we use post-consumer recycled plastic packaging which means we are promoting recycling and avoiding further new production of plastic in our small way. We choose only sustainably sourced ingredients to ensure that we do not harm our environment and will continue our efforts to enhance our Eco-Friendly motto as we grow.

Love for Learning:  We believe kids can inspire our thoughts and actions as much as we can inspire theirs. Through our journey, we also strive to Encourage, Support, Educate and Inspire kids everywhere in whatever capacity we can. We will support various charitable organizations that support and enable underprivileged kids to Dream... Learn... Create... Inspire....

We thank you for your support and hope that you love our products as much as we do

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